About Us
BE Green Biomass Sdn Bhd & BE Green Resources Sdn Bhd were founded in Johor, Malaysia in year 2014. The Company mainly produce Wood Pellet, OPT Pellet, Compressed Wood Block, and other biomass products to both local and international markets. 

Our products are eco-friendly as the sources of raw material are wood waste from our own sawmill as well as other sawmill around our factory and wood residues from pruning of trees by town council in our city. All of the wood residues will be send to our factory for production uses. With a PEFC Certificate, all of our raw materials are procured from sustainably managed forests.  

Our Missions Are:

1. Produce and maintain a consistent quality product with sustainable resources.
2. Provide a prompt delivery service.
3. Every customer service interaction is significantly important and meaningful to us.

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